my favorite fics

If you're looking for something good to read, look no further. Although it is incredibly difficult to pick favorites, these are the stories that stick out in my mind for touching me in some special way. Oh, that sounds dirty, doesn't it?

My goal is to have reviews to all these fics posted over the coming days, weeks, months. Clicking on the story title will take you to its online location. Some stories may not be available online at this time.

In alphabetical order:

A Pound of Flesh (WIP), Art After 5 (and related stories), Dead On My Feet, Dear Isabella, Died and Gone to Heaven, Emancipation Proclamation, Expectations and Other Moving Pieces (WIP), Fall to Ruin One Day (WIP), For the Summer, Going Down? (WIP), Guardian (WIP), High Anxiety, How to Save a Life, Hydraulic Level 5 (WIP), Love in My Box, Master of the Universe I/II (WIP), Mutually Assured Destruction, Paper Heart, Reality Minus Expectations, Stampede of a Thousand Pulses, Summer of Salt, The Best Man, The Blessing and the Curse, The Office, The Ties That Bind (WIP), The Weight of Words, Under the Apple Tree

If there's a story that you think should be on my favorites list, it might be because I haven't read it yet. I've only read around 120 stories total, averaging 2 new stories a week. Also, my personal taste tends toward angsty fics so a story that has me reaching for the tissues is more apt to make my favorites. js.

*WIP = Work in Progress


adonicass said...

I love that you've created your own twi site. No one is more addicted to the fandom than me, unless it is you!



CEJSMom said...

Your favorite list is almost a replica of mine. I am going to check out the two stories you have recently rec'd and the other ones on your list too!

Honorella said...

We might share the same taste! Thank you (I think) for adding to my mahoosive tbr list and compounding my fanfic ADD! I might be able to send a few recs your way if you want them but you probably really don't want any more!

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