Saturday, January 22, 2011

REVIEW: The Art Teacher by spanglemaker9 summary: He gave me art and words and passion and life, but all I wanted was him.

Isabella Dwyer is a high school senior at the elite Spencer Academy, a private school for the Upper East Siders in NYC. Her mother Renee, "...a little nobody from the sticks..." has married well, giving Isabella a rich step-daddy and all the goodies his life has to offer. Renee enrolls Isabella in an Art Appreciation class as another way for Renee to fit in with her snooty upper crust friends. These women define the word 'cougar.' The instructor is fuckhawt artistward Edward Cullen:
The poser rich boys at Spencer can't hold a candle to this guy, and it's obvious. Even with all their money, they can't touch what he has; this natural magnetism that radiates off his skin ... He is, without a doubt, the most amazing man I've ever laid eyes on in real life.
Isabella has everything in life and nothing at the same time. Her mother's social climbing disgusts her and she feels trapped living life as a Dwyer. After meeting a few times outside of class, Bella and Edward's attraction for each other sends the UST meter all the way to the right. Of course their relationship appears doomed from the start. There's the student/teacher thing, there's the she's rich/he's not thing, and then there's the Edward lives in wealthy women's apartment buildings and gets a break on the rent IYKWIM thing.

I was sucked into this story right away. It moves along quickly yet is never rushed. I get all tingly when I read good fanfiction and this is a 9/10 on my tingly scale. The Art Teacher is more about Bella's search for her independence and ultimate happiness with herself than it is about her relationship with Edward. Though their initial contact is brief, his influence on her life is profound.

If there's someone that you carry a torch for or never 'got over' you must read this.

A WIP at 11 chapters, The Art Teacher is a quick read. Spanglemaker9 states in an A/N that there are 14 chapters total thus its nearing completion. I encourage all you romance/hurt/angst lovers to read this amazing fic, you won't be disappointed.